Saturday, July 24, 2010

FO Report: The Princess and The Pea

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes and Paton's Classic Wool
The Princess and The Pea from itty-bitty toys by Susan B. Anderson

US5 + US6
large mattresses are 5"x7"; doll is about 7" long
Other: 1" foam inserted for mattresses
June 2010
July 2010
How could I resist making this adorable set for my adorable 2yo? So far, she loves the dolly more than the mattresses, but her brother is having fun stacking them up and knocking them over. We gave Amelia a sweet copy of the story, The Princess and The Pea, for her birthday too and she loved that. Success!


Lisa said...

This is adorable! You are so talented!

Rani said...

Absolutely adorable!!!! The doll is perfect! What an heirloom, too. Perhaps your bitty girl will have a bitty girl of her own and can pass this treasure on to her. Just charming!!

Jolene said...

That may just be the cutest knit toy set I've ever seen! Love the colors.

Aunt Jenny said...

I love this!! What a fun and lovely gift for little Amelia! I have this book as well (one of my favorites) and I have often thought about making this little set for my daycare. You did a great job!!