Thursday, July 01, 2010

Growing up

It's super sweet that Dan gets sentimental about the kids' things. Like tonight, when he was putting away the laundry and attempted to hang up one of Amelia's dresses that I had in a pile on the dining room table.

Me: Honey, that's for Rebecca's daughter. It doesn't go back in Amelia's closet.

Dan: What?! I love this dress!

Me:'s a 12-18 month dress.

Dan: So?! She just wore it the other day and it looked perfect! (he's actually pretty good at dressing her in the morning...)

Me: Yeah, but it came to here on her. (motioning that it's as short as a shirt, not long enough for a dress) She's 2, Honey. She wears a 2T now.

Dan: (long pause and looking a little bewildered) When did THAT happen?

Indeed... (for both children!!)

P.S. Her birthday is in two weeks, so she's not quite 2 yet...

P.P.S. Yes, Jackson is still a witch. Though today he was also a Queen ("everyone HAS to do what a Queen says, so I'm a Queen!"), a Ghost, a Conductor and a Knight. Good thing we signed him up for a preschool theater camp for later this summer, right?

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indieknits said...

I often think that I must've accidentally hit the fast forward button when I was in labour with Emma. Time has absolutely flown by since the minute she was born!