Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Welcome Back Nutcracker

• Listening to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite in an otherwise quiet living room...priceless.
• Sipping Celestial Seasonings new Gingerbread Spice tea...priceless.
• Finally sitting down to pay bills and balance the checkbook...$486,923.54*

I know, it seems weird to be happy to be paying bills, but I'm such a numbers nerd and such an organized geek that I sort of go loopy in my head if I'm not on top of this stuff. So tonight is really perfect. Jackson and I did errands today (begrudgingly, on my part, but we really needed to get out of the house after two sick days) and got a lot of "junk" taken care of. My Dear Husband is off playing soccer again tonight (sending you winning vibes, Honey!). And Jackson actually went to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. Seven o'clock on the button. Compared to 9:37 last night. You can see why I'm happy to just sit down and do my stuff?

I love the Nutcracker Suite. Love it with all of my heart. I would hate it immensely if I had to (or were able to) listen to it all year-round, but since it's a seasonal thing and therefore, fleeting, I just adore it. And we are approaching my most favorite season, so get ready for the occasional gushing blog entry about how wonderful winter is or how much I love Christmas. Must be because I'm a December baby.

For those of you who are purists regarding "Christmas Music," never fear, I am too. Here is the rule:

Regarding Christmas Music, Statute 1701.543.c:

"Christmas music may be played in joyful celebration of the beginning of the Holiday Season once the Thanksgiving dinner dishes are cleared away and dessert is being served. No sooner, no later.


Nutcracker Suite Clause: Tchaikovsky's famous ballet suite is allowed any time after about November 15 or whenever the listener really gets a hankering for the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving, as it is not officially 'Christmas Music.'"

--taken directly from the yogurt & granola Family Rule Book, dating back more generations than I care to argue with...

Okay, my tea has cooled enough to sip now and my bills won't get paid on their own. Wishing you Nutcracker dreams of epic proportions!
*Not an actual representation of bills paid, figure changed to protect the innocent.

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Beemoosie said...

It is just so FUN to read your blog. Glad everyone is healthy again.