Sunday, December 03, 2006

Coming along...

Jackson's Dedication sweater is coming along nicely. I screwed up on one of the sleeves late last night (late night + knitting = inevitable frogging) so this morning I decided to finish up the pieces that I had done so far for a sense of accomplishment. After grafting the shoulder seams together, it started to look like a sweater. Here's Jackson modeling it:
(He actually just thinks he's showing off his walking and dancing skills and couldn't care less about this knitted thing hanging around him. To see the detail of the pattern, click here.)

Now it's back to the sleeves - which, if done in daytime hours with sufficient brainpower, should not be difficult. Just reverse Stockinette, pattern, reverse Stockinette with some increases thrown in to keep it interesting. After the seaming is done, then it's time for the seed stitch collar and we're good to go. Off to knit!


Knittymama said...

It's lovely! Can't wait to see it all finished.

His hair looks so long. Very cute!

Ruth said...

It looks very cute. I try to avoid late night knitting where ever possible due to the risk of frogging.

Susan said...

If you were drinking some of the coffee you sent me, you would have been finished knitting that sweater yesteday! lol "Peace Coffee" is like a cup of go power!!!

I've had to frog more times than I count after knitting into the wee hours. I've even fallen asleep while knitting and continued to knit as if on automatic pilot - but not necessarily in pattern. Does this stop me? Heck no!

Thanks for sharing all the pics of Jackson. I love his look of wonderment in the photos in your previous post. I'll be looking for pics of Jack modeling his finished sweater. Knit on mommy!!!