Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekend Photos

Jackson got a new table and chairs set from IKEA recently and his Daddy just put it together this weekend. Who knew what fun a table frame could be? It became a regular walker for this little toddler! (Yes, those are the pants that I knit for him back in the summer. A little long yet, but a good fit for the most part.)
But sitting at the table proved to be even more fun...while supervised. The chairs were promptly removed from the scene as they were deemed "death traps" by The Parents:

Monkey Child doesn't know how to sit on chairs yet.
Monkey Child loves to climb.
Tip, wobble, CRASH.
(Do you love the scrunchy nose? We love the scrunchy nose.)
"When do we eat?"
What to do with the cardboard boxes from the table and chairs set, you ask? Why, make a tunnel! (Way more fun than the table and chairs anyway...we should have just bought a big box!)My Sweetie. A quick smile in between many trips up and down the stairs in attempts to fix a leaking bathtub. (Anybody know a good plumber?)
And the sock is doing fine, thanks for asking. About an inch away from turning the heel and so far, it fits the big Hobbit Foot! (Hoping to turn heel and make lots of headway on the cuff tonight accompanied by the second half of The Two Towers. We're both in a Tolkien mood lately, it seems...)
How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Hi Cathrine,

Are those dinosaur jammies (tunnel pic) the glow-in-the-dark kind? Stuart got a pair last Christmas and outgrew them before this winter. He still asks for them occasionally, and depending on his mood, might get really mad if I tell him that they are too litte.

Hopefully I will see you on Tuesday. The Cow Jumping Over the Moon sweater is finished.


stickchick said...

Jackson is such a cutie!! Love the pants!!!

I too wonder why in the world I buy toys when boxes are soooo much funner. If we MADE them play with them though, it wouldn't be fun.

The hobbit socks are coming along well. I need to get some socks going too. I am sock knitting vicariously through you for now. *sigh*