Friday, April 27, 2007

love, friday

Love watching Jackson and Simon looking out.

Love looking in to watch Jackson and Simon looking out.

Love spring and the impossible tulips that were supposed to have been all dug up last fall.

Love watching the leaves on our front bushes go from buds to leaves in under one week.

Love playing in the backyard with Jackson. Love watching him notice airplanes flying and birds singing, both with his sign language. Love that he now waves "bye-bye," gives kisses (gives his cheek to *you* for a kiss) and hugs by laying his head on your shoulder and patting your back.

Love Friday night dinner at Fat Lorenzo's with Grama. Love watching Jackson explore crayons (for the first time) on the crayon-approved paper table covering. Love that these photos are blurry because he couldn't slow down to be photographed.

Love riding my bike, even when I got drenched in the rain on Earth Day. Love that I can still average 20 miles an hour - without the kid trailer.

Love my knitting, even when my projects give me grief.

Love my friends, each and every one of them.

love, friday


Chris said...

Aww... What kind of bike do you have?! Sounds better than my crossbike - I can't average 20 mph on that...

Hege said...

Jackon is so cute :) Lucky you having so warm weater.. Here there's just above 0. Have a great week!

Aunt Jenny said...

I LOVE your love Fridays!!
Jackson just gets cuter every day!

christina said...

LOVE the crayon photo!!

Maria & Rob said...

I LOVE reading your love Friday posts.....I didn't have such a great last Friday, as I'm sure you and Dan heard about my missing my bus. So, it was great to read your love Friday post.
Much Love, Maria