Saturday, May 19, 2007


Not all wines are better with age. We learned this the hard way tonight. Dan and I are not exactly wine aficionados. But we have been known to dabble in lessons of the grape in the past.

The past. As in, before we were pregnant. And before we had a kid who didn't sleep much and made us too tired to imbibe before bed ourselves.

Now that our child sleeps for the elusive twelve-hour stretch of which we could only dream, we're dusting off those vintage bottles of the grape which we had long forgotten in our wine cellar.
They were dusty for a reason. Not all wines are better with age and we're here to tell you that these eight bottles were not consumed, but were instead poured down the drain. The vintages from 1999-2002 are not doing so well as we approach the halfway point of year 2007. Not so well at all. Bitter, dry in a bad way, chunky, and even...(gasp!)...fizzy.

Chuck. Chuck. Chuck.

This is how Dan felt about it. Pitching the wine, that is. This is not a drunk photo. He resorted to a beer tonight instead.
We still have two reds from '03 left in the cellar, one dessert wine from '01 (which I am scared to try because I brought it home from a trip to Chicago back then and can't believe we haven't opened it yet), a bottle of champagne, a Chardonnay in which I have little faith but it's chilling in the fridge anyway and a "fresh" 2004 Riesling that I just bought today. We love Riesling and this is a good German one. We were married in 2004 and thought this might be a nice anniversary drink for next month.

Wish us luck.


Laura said...

Oh no! wine never lasts more than 24 hours in this household ;)

Knittymama said...

OH, I am just crying for you guys. I also have a couple of dusties in the basement, but not that much. Before the kiddos, we would go to Surdyks and drop $100 on wine. Now, maybe we crack one $8 a month if lucky. Four year olds and wine stores just dont mix. Plus I spend all my money on yarn and cheddar bunnies!

Hege said...

We have the same "problem"... With me being pregnant and breastfeeding for the last 2 1/2 years, there's some bottles of wine we haven't opened. With your experience I don't know if I'm going to either. We might poure them down the drain too :(
But I'm really looking forward to drink wine again now when Endre has (nearly) given up breastmilk :)

Anonymous said...

Oye, when spirits turn evil there is nothing left but to pour them down the drain. My DH is very particular about both wine and beer. On the rare occasions when we buy beer now ("aging" and health issues strictly limit our alcoholic intake) he always checks for the expiration dates on the bottles. Before meeting him I never knew that beer expired...
Love the kitty in the picture as he/she seized the moment to check out someone begging for kitty lovin' on the floor. Hope you had a great weekend. Sincerely, Hagitha Twittlesnap

Chris said...


Rob & Maria said...

Haha.....Well, happy coming up anniversary and I hope you have better luck with your wine....that's a funny picture of Dan!