Thursday, June 07, 2007


Jackson is a little rock-star, let me tell you. We've listened to Moby's "Anchovie" from "Mary Had a Little Amp" at least ten times already this morning and he just sits there dancing in front of the kitchen radio. Very loud protests when the song is over and very big smiles when it starts again.

Here he is doing the "Three Nuk Dance" -- very techno, trance-y, coolio of him to come up with his own gig, don't you think? Guess we'll add Moby to his list of favorites.

Warning: This video runs the entire length of the song and is likely to be incredibly boring if you're not one of Jackson's grandmothers or another close, personal friend or family member.

The t-shirt? Oh yeah. Isn't it cool? We borrowed it from Jackson's new friend Braeden who is a bit older than him but also a food-allergic kid. His mom made the shirt to let people know not to feed him...clever! It reads "FOOD ALLERGY, CAUTION, DO NOT FEED ME" on the front and the back.

We saw the allergist on Monday and it's official...we are EpiPen people and Label Readers now. Peanuts and tree nuts and all of their associations are bad news for us. It could be so much worse least he's not allergic to milk, eggs, wheat or soy!


Hege said...

Love the dance! And the t-shirt! Sorry to hear that he is allegic... Know all about reading labels! We must look pretty weird in the shops reading on everything. We just have phenamin to help Endre if he gets an allegiattack... Which fortunately hasn't happend in months now. The doctors won't give us EpiPen... So we just hope he won't react harder than he already have.

Joyce said...

So, does the shirt come in adult sizes? My son is coming to town.....

Becca said...

Oh my gosh, the three nuks is hysterical...and familiar! I also love the cat's tail cutting across the screen every so often - tres artistic. Hilarious. Don't you love that your child loves music? What a sweet thing.

Chris said...

That's a brilliant t-shirt! Good to know, tho.

kate said...

C, sorry to hear about the peanut allergy...that's a super scary one.
That t-shirt is a great idea!!

I think I will make one for Chloe.
Love and light to you