Friday, June 08, 2007

love, friday

Love gardening. Love having dirt under my nails again after two summers of either being pregnant or having a teeny one around which prevented me from spending enough time in the gardens. Love finally breaking ground on the new garden for the front yard that we've been talking about for years.

Love showering after working in the yard all afternoon and evening. Love sitting down with Dan and a bowl of frozen yogurt to watch a movie on the computer even though it's too late and we'll probably fall asleep.

Love that Jackson is healthy, despite his food allergy. Love that he is a strong, smart, growing boy who amazes us everyday. Love that he stops to smell the flowers on our walks outside. Love, love, love Jackson.

Love Saturday already because we'll be in the garden all day and Grama is coming over to play with Jackson outside too...a win-win-win situation.

Love this incredible early June Minnesota weather. Love that it reminds me of my wedding around this time three years ago. (Love, love, love Dan.)

love, friday

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Chris said...

Awwww... :)