Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More on the Flavors of the Season

The Urban Farmgirls gathered last night at Christi's house and had an Apple Celebration of Autumn, a la Carey. There were many, many types of apples to sample including a wide array of complimenting delights for the apples like deliciously stinky cheeses and spreads of many varieties. Homemade bread, homemade guacamole, homemade brownies, and homemade pumpkin pie bars (from me) also graced the table.
The hands-on part of the gathering (since we always like to be "doing" something other than eating and talking!) was to make caramel and candied apples, apple tarts and apple chutney. You can imagine how that kitchen smelled with all of those different treats going at once! I didn't get to help out too much with the actual slicing, chopping and cooking since Jackson came along with me, but everyone had a hand in something. (I did butter the waxed paper sheets for the caramel apples. Not the wax paper in this photo, since mine clearly made a sticky mess, but the bottom sheet...oh well!)
All in all, another delightful night with a great group of Urban Farmgirls!
The Pumpkin Pie Bar recipe can be found here. My Dad emailed it to me yesterday morning and I knew at once that I had to make it right away...YUM. I omitted the pecans so Jackson could eat some too and I swapped out the spices. It called for "pumpkin pie spice" which I didn't have, so I used the spices from my Grama's pumpkin pie recipe: 1/2 tsp nutmeg, 1/4 tsp cloves, 1 tsp ginger, 1.5 tsp cinnamon.
Thanks for your votes on the sock problem. I'm not at all surprised by the results so far...I sort of knew that frogging and re-starting was to be the fate of this project. Not any time soon though...I have to want to work with this yarn again to actually enjoy knitting Dan's socks, and right now I certainly don't. It's stuffed in its stuff-sack where I can't see it. Back to the Organic Alpaca Cardi! Casting on for sleeves...
Oh, and apparently my threat of fighting Summer with Corn Casserole worked. It's been in the 50s by day and colder at night this week...finally! I even have the heat on today since the temps were in the low 60s indoors. From A/C to heat in less than four days...only in Minnesota!

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Sarah Meow-Meow said...

May I just say a hearty "Thank You" for conquering summer! I've been waiting to be bitten with the baking bug, but I just can't when the temps are too warm. Now, the oven, she's a going!!! Love Autumn!

Sounds like a fun time with the Farmgirls. And I'm going to have to try the pumpkin bar recipe, just as soon as I finish canning the bushel of apples for applesauce and pie filling.