Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Socks that Fit Nobody

There is a problem with the Diagonal Cross-Rib Socks that has nothing to do with the pattern and everything to do with size. sigh...

The background:
The pattern calls for size US3 needles for the top 3 inches of the cuff for calf-shaping and size US2 for the rest of the sock. I didn't like my gauge in US3 so I went with US2 for the top and US1 for the rest. This combination has created a good sock fabric much to my liking.
The problem:
It doesn't fit Dan's ankle/heel. At all. (That's my foot in the photo above.) We had slipped the cuff onto his leg a while back to see if the US2/US1 split would be a good idea and he liked the feel of it, but apparently US1 is just way too small to fit over his heel. (It's too tight across his foot too...)

The sock fits me perfectly across the foot (ignoring the fact that the toe would be too long and I'd have to rip back a bit, no biggie). But the top of the cuff is way too wide for my leg and would be slouchy. Who likes slouchy socks?
The solution?
A. Finish up Sock #2 as is and make Dan wear them anyway.
B. Finish up Sock #2 as is and donate the pair.
C. Complete both socks for my foot length and ignore the slouchy top.
D. Frog. Re-wind. Re-start. (For Dan)

Please voice your opinion on my new poll in the side bar. I am immobilized on this project until I hear from a critical mass of you!
Another "gift" left on the digital camera this morning before Dan left for work. Uh...thanks, Sweetie. :)
This is the man who thought that photo #2 (the darker one, without the flash) was "the perfect shot." Hmm. Maybe morning photography isn't his bag?


Mama Grouch said...

I want to amend my vote to read:

Frog. Re-wind. Curse the heavens. Put the yarn aside for a couple of months so it can think about what it has done. Pick a new pattern because you are so sick of this one. Consider giving up knitting altogether because frogging two socks is JUST TOO PAINFUL.


(I picked the frogging route in remembrance of the Koigu...I think that you will never be happy with slouchy socks and Dan will never put them on if they are too small over the heel)

Jess said...

That last picture made me laugh out loud!

I vote you frog back to wherever you started with size 1 needles and switch to size 1.5 (2.5mm) needles - that might just give you enough extra room to fit onto Dan's feet.

ikisti said...

i think a mix of the 2 photos would be nice. As for the sock.... well if you just want to be done with it and Dan isn't in love with the yarn/pattern, I say finish up and donate (unless said hubby has really small feet in which case i dout any one could ware them). Or if they are loved, frog and go again.

GardenGoose said...

LOL..but at least he looks like he's having fun.hope the knitting project works out.have a good week.

stickchick said...

Katherine, I'm soooo sorry to vote for frogging but... *sigh* They were looking sooo lovely, I would hate to see all that beautiful work come to naught in any instance, but at least you will love them and use them when they fit!!

I totally agree with Momma Grouch, can you frog back just enough so they can fit Dan?? *Hugs!*