Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bye-Bye BPA

Goodbye, dear friends. The Nalgene bottles that kept us hydrated through countless hikes, camping/canoe trips and backpacking adventures - including the one that started it all in Glacier National Park years ago - are in the trash now. Seems #7 plastic is the one to avoid (along with #3 and #6) because of their inability to keep nasty chemicals like BPA inside the plastic. Nalgene is working hard to cover their tracks but it doesn't look good for them (Google "Nalgene BPA" for a slew of articles or visit for links - there are too many out there to quote them all here). Good thing Santa brought each of us a Sigg water bottle for Christmas.

We're also chucking the plastic baby bottles in favor of glass for the second child. Even though Jackson was a breast-fed baby, he did enjoy his mama's milk via bottle too. He's probably fine, especially considering the infrequency of his bottle use - but it's one of those things that will stick in the back of our minds if we keep using them. Why risk it?

I'm sure lots of other things in our house will eventually kill us too - like our Teflon cookware or anti-stain couch - but we're working our way up to those. George W.'s "stimulus money" may buy us some new pots and pans...we'll see.


Chris said...

Ugh... :( I have Sigg, but then the water tastes like aluminum, which I hate. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I LOVE glass bottles! They are cheap and easy (no silly air vents or tubes or liners to deal with), and just happened to be Olive's favorite too.

Uncle Rob said...

Remember, it is not George W's money... It is our schools', roads', railroads' airports' and our future prosperity's money that will be squandered today on gasoline and stuff from China.

Catherine said...

Have fun with your Chinese TV, Uncle Rob. (Anyone know where we can get U.S.-made pots and pans?...)

Anonymous said...

Nalgene has started making #2 plastic versions instead of the #7s. In case you want to buy Nalgenes too. I love them.

-Amanda T from Urban Farmgirls