Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Everyone always tells me that I should write down the funny things that Jackson says now so I don't forget them. Well, more often than not, I forget to write them down! But yesterday was too funny to forget, so here are a few, for posterity on the blog:

I told Jackson that we were going to the garden store on Earth Day to explore the kinds of trees that we could plant in our backyard. He responded with some very sage advice:

"Mommy, don't plant a hairbrush in the backyard. Only a tree."

Later, in the backyard, while discussing what type of tree we should plant, he offered his opinion:

"A rock tree!" Then I double-checked to make sure that I heard him right and he said: "Yeah, a ROCK tree!" with a BIG smile. (He does love his rocks so...)

After arriving home from lunching with Grama and my Aunt Diane yesterday, Jackson was tired and...poopy. He was laying on the floor of the living room with Simon the Cat (they're becoming great friends lately) and was heard telling Simon:

"Simon, you have a STINKY diaper!" (Already blaming small defenseless creatures around him?! Watch out, Baby Amelia.)

And lastly, when drinking his apple juice from a sippy cup yesterday morning, he decided that he wanted a BIG cup. So he stacked all of his cups together to achieve this:
Gotta love the 2-year-olds.

He also learned how to sing another song yesterday and it goes:

"I love somebody, yes I do,
I love somebody, yes I do,
I love somebody, yes I do,
And it must be you!"

LOVE that he runs around the house singing this song and always comes to give me a hug on the last line.
Edited to add:

There were two more things upon waking this morning that I couldn't resist sharing. Jackson woke up to the sound of my voice talking on the phone. To this, he replied:

"Mommy should keep voice down. I'm a sleepy boy."

When I asked to see his owie on his finger (the sliver from two days ago that he absolutely won't let me touch), he said:

"No. Mommy NOT do anything to Jackson's owie."

Well, okay then. I guess Jackson has spoken.


Rob & Maria said...

I love these sayings. My mom kept a lot of mine, I think she wrote them down somewhere....

April said...

Good idea! I have been trying to write down some of Nick's sayings too as he is starting to talk more. Sadly I have already forgotten some of Andrew's.

TinkingBell said...

Kids sayings are great - I have a book with them all written in - they're so cute - Sian once couldn't remember the word for elbow - so she called it her 'arm knee'!

Hege said...

Oh, I wish I had done this with my kids... But then it's easy with the first kid, but after you have got more than one it's harder to find the time.
Just ask me about the baby books...

Have a great weekend!