Saturday, June 07, 2008

love, friday (saturday night edition)

Love Saturday mornings with Rebecca. We hit the Mill City Farmer's Market today and had a great time sampling gourmet cheeses, amazing sourdough breads, fair-trade coffees, and fancy chocolates and caramels.

Love this vendor, from whom I bought the most adorable handmade, organic cotton dress and summer hat for Amelia (similar to this and this, though made with different colors/patterns). Minneapolis-made, can't beat that for local!

Love surprise visits from out-of-town friends that involve long, leisurely lunches, al fresco style. Sarah was just cruising through Minneapolis today on her way to a family reunion - we were fortunate to be a pit stop along the way!
Love that my husband can be spontaneous, even if it's not in his nature. The suggestion of a late afternoon hang-out at a local coffeehouse was welcomed by both Jackson and me - he got to play in their toy corner and I got to knit. What was in it for Daddy? Oh, that stop at the comic book store along the way. We all loved the break.
Love organizing. (Sorry, that's what delayed my post yesterday.) I've got another bee in my bonnet (late pregnancy nesting?) about cleaning up our entire digital photo archive and files. Have I mentioned that I haven't printed a photo of Jackson for a photo album since he was five months old? Yeah, well, he's TWO YEARS and five months old now. I'm sorting and trashing like mad and am currently up to April '07. The "memory lane" part slows me down sometimes, but if I get into business mode, I can whip through a month pretty quickly to weed out the good ones for printing and the bad ones for trashing. I am confident that I can finish this part and order the photos (and even slip them into no-nonsense photo albums) before Amelia's birth. What are the chances that I can finish our wedding album before our 4th anniversary next week? (Don't take that bet...)

Love quiet Saturday nights: another episode of BSG to watch on the computer, a shawl to knit on (photos soon, I LOVE this project), and a bowl of Neapolitan ice cream await.

love, friday (saturday night edition)


Lisa Anne said...

I haven't stopped by for a very long time. The garden is my very demanding baby right now and we are finishing up homeschooling for this school year; creating Amelia's portfolio for review by the school board.
Hang in, only one more month to go! I don't think anything that we have been working on for the babe will be finished anytime soon, but we are thinking of you and sending lots of love.
(The blanket is incredible!)

Ruth said...

It took me 9 years to get our photos into the wedding album! I haven't printed photos in months either, thanks for the reminder to go and do some :)