Friday, September 19, 2008

love, friday

Love LettUs Service Quality Handy People. Love having a "new" bathroom again and love that it only took half a day instead of a whole day. (Local people: contact them! They're very good.)

Love that Jackson calls himself "Jack Speer" now since I always have NPR on the radio and he's heard a few stories reported by (the real) Jack Speer. Maybe he'll grow up to be a newscaster?

Love drive-thru coffeeshops. I would not buy half as many small-decaf-chocolate-coolers (no whip, please) if it weren't drive-thru.

Love Facebook. Too much. You were so right, Dan.

Love that my daughter can hold up her head 99% of the time now and can be propped on chairs and couches to practice sitting up. It makes her seem so much bigger!

Love that Jackson loves Amelia so much. Really, he's an awesome big brother and we've had little to no problems with the new addition to our family.

Love that my mom gave the dreamcatcher that I made for her over a decade ago to Jackson. Love that with the help of this storybook, the dreamcatcher is helping him to have better sleep at night with fewer bad dreams. Thank you, Grama!
love, friday

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Lisa Anne said...

I read this quickly last week and did not comment but now everytime I hear "this is Jack Speer" on the radio I think of your little boy:)