Sunday, April 19, 2009

FO Report: Helena-Amelia Sweater

Yarn: "Linen Isle" from Plymouth Yarn, DK/8-ply, color 6056, 50 cotton/30 rayon/20 linen, 387 yards
"Helena" by Alison Green Will


US6, US2
18 months

I love this sweater and everything about it. It was easy to knit, I already knew I loved the yarn, it couldn't be a more sweet pattern and it was done relatively fast. I knit it in a larger size for longevity (necessity for anyone knitting for growing children) and the pattern is well suited to this: the sleeves are meant to be a 3/4-length (full-length on Amelia now) and the "skirt" of the sweater is really like a dress. The shoulders may be a tad large now, but it still looks great and she's got so much wear left in this one. Perfect.

I omitted the ties in the front (added two buttonholes instead) and made a couple of other very minor modifications (did one less pattern repeat in the lace and the hems/buttonband aren't exactly as the pattern specified).

Photos of the Baby Girl in her sweater coming soon. She wore it all day today but we were too crazy-busy to stop and take photos!


Aunt Jenny said...

Just adorable sweater!! I can't wait to see her in it!
Loved all the new pictures too.
Looks like you had a nice weather weekend like we did..awesome!

Lisa Anne said...

That sweater is so sweet! I saw this pattern on knitty <3, I just love it. Do you think it is wrong for me to want to have another baby just so I can knit little sweaters like these?

christina said...

VERY cute! perfect for springtime!

Heide said...

very pretty!

Janet said...

Super cute. Looking forward to seeing her in it. :-)