Sunday, April 19, 2009

love, friday (sunday night edition)

Love good health. Jackson's back, Amelia's back and we're all healthy again. It's a bummer that we have to be so sick sometimes to really appreciate being healthy but we totally get the message: good health is good.

Love multiple days of warm weather this week which brought many, many, many hours of playtime outdoors with the kids. Love these photos of my smiley-all-the-time Baby Girl and my way-too-serious Big Boy.
Love going biking with said adorable children in the double Chariot for the first time this year. She napped and he talked the whole time. The kinds of conversations you can have with a 3yo while biking around town are truly amazing. (Wish I could record it all...)

Love Saturday mornings when Dad's got the kids and all I have to worry about is whether my mocha should be iced or hot. Three hours of knitting time at an outdoor cafe with my cousin Ginny, my sister and my mom. Dan was worried that he'd be too late picking me up after their trip to the zoo and thought I'd be bored waiting. A Knitter at a coffeeshop without her kids, bored? Never...
Love spending time with my sister and her family while they are in town visiting. Love that my brother-in-law braved finding his way across town (when he's the out-of-towner) to have dinner with us last night while my sister was out on the town with her girlfriends. Love that the kids are playing so well together and getting a super concentrated dose of cousin time.
Love going for a rainy day hike today with our nephew, Sky, which ended with chocolate ice cream and french fries for all. Love that Dan-the-Man played the part of Naturalist Trail Guide with the kids and took time to talk about all of the cool spring wonders we saw.
Love everything about Amelia's Helena sweater, including that it's done and she wore it all day. (FO Report up next...)

Love that my dear readers don't mind when I skip a day or a week in posting and keep coming back for more. (Right?)

love, friday (sunday night edition)


Lisa Anne said...

Right! We don't mind bloggy breaks, you are a busy mom with two small children, it is amazing that you can get anything done!! Everything looks good, and love photos of smiling babes.

Senja said...

I love all of those things too. Thanks for the glimpse into your life and the reminders to slow down and enjoy the now.