Saturday, June 13, 2009

FO Report: Podcast Junkie Hat

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lanaloft Worsted in "Scottish Moor," 1 skein (160 yards), Aran/10-ply wool
Tune Cap by Wendy Bernard

Gauge: 5sts/in

Adult Large
(unblocked and a little unfinished in the photo, but you get the idea)

Dan's pretty oblivious to my knitting. He knows I'm always knitting and oohs/aahs appropriately when I'm done, but he doesn't pay much attention as I'm actually knitting an item or talking about what I want to knit next (why do I keep talking to him about it???). So I was very, VERY surprised when he leaned over my shoulder as I was browsing patterns online last Christmas and said "Ooh! That one! I want that hat! Knit me that hat!"

I said, very calmly, "Are you sure? The pattern costs money to download." (He's stingier than Scrooge sometimes.)

He said "Yes! It's totally what I want. Buy it. And then knit it. Please?"

I was completely entrenched in Christmas knitting and other projects at the time so I told him I'd get the pattern but he wouldn't have the hat until next winter. He was cool with that, though I was still a little shell-shocked by his sudden interest.

So I whipped it up and wrapped it up and threw it in the gift bag with his hiking socks for our anniversary dinner last night, hoping that it would be a "consolation prize" of sorts since I'd already ruined the surprise on the socks. Two things happened:

1. He forgot about the hiking socks and was totally surprised. (Love this man's forgetful memory sometimes.)

2. He flipped out when he saw the Tune Cap.

He loved the color, he loved the weight, and he especially loved the little holes strategically placed for his iPod Nano ear bud cords. The hat is designed to hold an iPod tucked into the cuff of the hat in the back and conceal the cords. And really, it couldn't be a more perfect hat for him, my Podcast Junkie, since he rarely walks 2 feet without his iPod.

God bless a man who flips out over receiving two woollen gifts in June.

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