Saturday, June 13, 2009


Okay, fine. So I fell off the wagon a little with the yarn diet. But, in my defense, it was Mother's Day and I'm kinda always allowed to buy a little something at the annual Shepherd's Harvest Festival (a.k.a. love fest of all things woollen). It's sort of an offense against the yarn diet but I feel strongly that it could be argued in front of a high judge if need be. Main points:

1. Gale Woods Farm is now producing yarn that is 100% made up of wool from their own sheep. I've always loved their yarn since it's a very special place for my family (the site of my marriage to Dan) but, until now, they had their fleeces sent away for processing and they came back mixed with other wools. I couldn't resist this 100% pure Gale Woods Farm yarn and bought enough to make a cabled sweater for Baby A next winter.

2. I'm a total sucker for RiverWinds Farm yarn and just had a total "here, take my wallet" kind of moment when I saw these gorgeous blue and green colorways. It's the same yarn from Amelia's adorable pink shrug that she's now outgrowing (why do they do that???) so I'm making a green and blue striped raglan cardigan for her from this.

3. Peace Fleece on sale for $6 a skein. What would you do???

That's it. I'm done. I swear.

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Hege said...

Lovely colors!!
As we were driving past a yarn shop yesterday, Hubby said to me
"Look they have a 50% discount sale, do you want me to stop?"
And I felt very proud of my self when I told him no! I really need to knit up some of my stash before buying something new...