Saturday, June 13, 2009

FO Report: Smoke & Ash Hiking Socks

Yarn: Briggs & Little Tuffy in "smoke" (Aran/10-ply, nylon/wool) and Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted in "ash" (worsted/10-ply, wool)
Two Yarn Resoleable Socks by Wayne Pfeffer adapted by Anne Merrow (Rav link), from Favorite Socks

Gauge: I'm not sure and they're not near me now...

Dan size

These socks were supposed to be a surprise for my sweet Dan on our 5-year anniversary (yesterday) but I had a gut feeling that they just weren't going to be the right size as I was knitting the first one so I had to spill the beans and have him try it on. It turned out to be a good move since I was right and they were going to be much too large.

I don't remember what my gauge was but it wasn't exactly right for the pattern so I had to fudge quite a bit. I'm not even sure that these socks are exactly the same, but they both fit him perfectly now (whose feet are exactly the same, anyway?) and he loves them. (I know they look short and stumpy in the photo, but they're really not. I'm not sure why, but they just have perfect give and stretch.)

The super-duper cool feature of this pattern is the fact that they are completely resoleable, should the hiker wear a hole through the sole. The cuff is knit first, then the instep in the lighter color. The darker color was joined for the heel flap and then "attached" to the instep to create the gusset and the sole. It was slightly confusing at first, but after knitting a total of three of these socks, I think I have it down now. It's pretty slick. (I kinda doubt that I'll actually need to resole them since the Briggs & Little yarn has nylon in it and is pretty stiff and durable, but who knows how far Dan will hike in these...he may surprise me and if he does, I'm ready to re-knit the soles for him.)

The best part? Dan is terribly forgetful and he was still surprised when he opened his gift on our anniversary date last night! A pair of silk hiking liner socks and a bag of his favorite gummy bears accompanied the socks. And another handknit just for him, but that's for the next FO Report...


Hege said...

I bet Dan loves his socks :)
I've been thinking about knitting this socks for a while now, and with the 52ppIII I guess it's time ;)
Maybe I can use up some more leftovers of sock yarn...

Becca said...

Those (and all the rest of your knit projects) are beautiful socks. But, I confess my favorite part of that photo is the sweet little hand creeping in from the corner. :D