Monday, August 31, 2009

The Fair

There's not much to say about the Great Minnesota Get-Together that I haven't already said on this blog:


We went on the second day this year, had a FANTASTIC time, the kids didn't melt down once (!), we stayed for 6 hours, saw a million fun things (and people), ate awesome food that is so bad for us and basked in the glow of our most favorite fair EVER.

Grinding coffee via pedal power at the Peace Coffee booth.
Apple cider freezes from the Ag. building REALLY help a teething Baby Girl.
Oh yeah...
Nap time in the sling, loved it.
Running around outside Heritage Square.
Yeah, there were a few people there.
Jackson loved the spinning paint thing. Remember that?
After the parade outside the Creative Activities building. The kids LOVED the parade.
Jackson learned to tie a knot at the Boy Scouts booth.
Oh yeah, he's a John Deere boy all the way.
At the Little Farm Hands Center.
Lopi yarn. I have to. It's cheap. And it's there.
Spin Art by Jackson!


Ruth's Place said...

Looks like a fabulous day out! Love Jackson's spin art.

Rani said...


I did that spin art at the fair when I was a kid.

We'll be there on Wednesday. I've got my list of foods all planned out.

Catherine said...

Rani, there's yarn in two places at the Fair (that I know of):

1. Int'l Bazaar, the S.American sweater booth. Ask the clerk to see the yarn and they'll pull out a Rubbermaid bin from under the table. It's not regularly out. Just a bunch of Lopi like mine, but only $4 a pop. Can't resist.

2. The alpaca booth outside the Coliseum has hand-spun, hand-dyed gorgeous alpaca yarn. Expensive though.

Rob and Maria said...

Ha! That's so cute, Jackson skip/jumping and Amelia and Jackson on your shoulders. Looks like a lot of fun! We'll have to update you with Photos from our trip, def thought of you guys while hiking :)

Kristina said...

If I didn't know your history with the MN state fair, I would TOTALLY crash your junket next year! Your fair makes the NM fair look like, well...