Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tomato Season

Did you know that there are really five seasons in Minnesota? Autumn, Winter (that's kind of a big one here), Spring, Summer and Tomato Season.

We've been inundated with tomatoes around here at the y&g household. Cherry tomatoes from our prolific plants, big beautiful heirlooms also from the garden (kinda ugly, in a tasty sort of way) and a 30lb box of romas from the Farmer's Market purchased just for canning.
Oh, how I adore tomato season!

Jackson helped me cut the romas today (and he actually did a pretty great job with that plastic knife) and we made 20 half-pints of Bruschetta in a Jar for the cellar. Now I just need to learn to make an awesome French loaf and we're set for winter!
(OMG, can you tell I'm double-jointed in this photo?! [click to enlarge] I didn't realize my finger looked quite so gross and hyper-extended while chopping! Wonder what it looks like while knitting?...)
The cherry toms have been turned into the most delicious oven-dried delights twice already (remember, PROLIFIC) that have been frozen for later use in stews and soups. Recipe here. My friend Jess turned me onto this. (You have to scroll down to the middle of the post for the tomato stuff.) Just try it, you won't be disappointed.

And the heirlooms are a bit of a joy and heartbreak all at the same time. So joyful in their rotund size and funky shapes/colors, so heartbreaking when they split and get a little gross before I get out to harvest them. So far, I've turned a whole bunch into sauce (four pints in the freezer for that Winter season...) and have a whole Tupperware in the fridge filled with diced heirlooms waiting for...something. (I know, not the best use for heirlooms but I had to save the good parts and compost the rest.)

These four are the best of the bunch so far. Big, gorgeous (in that weird sort of way again), ripe and not already split on the vine when I discovered them! I think they're called Cherokee Purples or something like that; the color varies from deep red to dark green to purple on top. My mouth is watering...
Salsa's next for canning around here. What are you cooking up this Tomato Season?

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