Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Scenes from San Francisco

[The Plant Cafe Organic...awesome homemade veggie burger made with beets, lentils, and cashews and topped with avocado and white Cheddar. Oh, did I eat well on this trip...]

[This woman was serving homemade hot chocolate at the Farmer's Market with fresh whipped cream on top. It looked so good, but I'd already had my mocha for the morning!]

[I loved these potatoes--so beautiful! It was wonderful to see so many veggies at the market. Soon enough, our Minnesota markets will follow suit...]

[This was taken outside the coffeeshop window one afternoon. Amelia was standing on a bench inside shamelessly flirting with all passersby. I think she made all of San Francisco smile that day!]

[Two best friends at Golden Gate Park on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.]

[Amelia's new best friends, Eden + Aaron!]

[The best breakfast burrito in all of San Francisco--or maybe the whole Pacific Coast?--can be found at the greenchilekitchen on Baker Street. I think we all could have just rolled right out of there after that meal.]

[I finally broke out of my color shell and bought some yellow yarn. This is from Stash Yarn in Berkeley and it's a merino/cotton/linen/soya blend in "Marigold." As Eden would say, "delicious!" (And doesn't it just seem totally appropriate to buy yellow yarn in sunny California?)]

[After hitting five other yarn shops around the city, we were also successful in finding the perfect yarn for Eden's wedding shawl. Malabrigo lace is positively divine in its smooshy softness.]

[I also picked up this book since we both fell in love with the "Lily of the Valley" pattern. A perfect match for her wedding, to be sure.]

[The Minnesota girls bared their toes for the weekend! So refreshing...]

[First time the Baby Girl played in the sand. She loved it!]

[Amelia had her own private concert from Aaron* with some of his original tunes. She's definitely a groupie now and we're pretty sure that he programmed her to automatically fall in love with a musician some day. She was oozing love for him during the performance!]

Amelia did awesome on the flights there and back too. The only complaint would be that she didn't sleep nearly enough during travel, but she didn't cry either. She just wanted to be social with everyone and was so.incredibly.curious about everything. All in all, a super fun trip with my Baby Girl and it was so, so, so awesome to spend girl time with Eden and more time getting to know Aaron in general. In case I hadn't stressed it earlier, I completely approve of their soon-to-be union and can't wait to celebrate with them in California later this year!
*I don't have a photo to share, but did I tell you that Aaron is a not only a musician but also a chef? Can we say, "lucky Eden?" He made a primavera risotto simmered in beer on my last night there. If the Baby Girl hadn't been so awake on the red-eye flight home, that risotto would have definitely sealed the deal on my sweet dreams. Heavenly...


Chris said...

Oh, it looks like a lovely trip!

Lisa Anne said...

Sweet photos of your trip, baby Amelia is growing so fast! I bet it was nice to get away to some place warm and sunny.

Anonymous said...

What a Happy happy baby girl! Good job both of you. I bet she was just dancing when she saw Daddy and Jackson!

Gin said...

oh looks like you guys had such a great time! although I would expect nothing less on a trip to go visit Eden:) Can't wait for knitting soon.

Rani said...

Looks like a grand time!!

Janet said...

Splendid photos of a lovely trip. Leaves me eager for our trip to San Fran next month!

I LOVE that white Malabrigo yarn. That plus the yellow yarn you selected...YUM.INDEED.

Anonymous said...

Love, those baby toes & baby feet photos!! Looks like a lovely girl weekend.